Finned tube coils

Coils for Heating or Cooling – Finned Tube or Plate Fin

Steel or Alloy Construction --- ASME Code

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Coils for Cooling or Heating  --  Air Make Up -- Pocket Ventilation -- Glycol/Water -- Boiler Air Heaters

Plate Fin Water Coil for heating or cooling
C coil for heating or cooling
Large Spiral Wound Coils for heating or cooling
Water Coil
Compressor Intercooler
    Compressor Intercoolers ASME
Boiler Air Heater
Large Spiral or Plate Fin Steam Boiler Air Heaters

Standard Fin Designs
Aerofin™ Spiral Fin coils feature fins of aluminum, copper, stainless steel or carbon steel. The fins are tension wound onto individual tubes to minimize thermal contact resistance and air friction. Tapered fin design provides maximum fin-to-tube contact for optimum heat transfer. Individually finned tubes allow unrestricted movement of the tubes, eliminating stress on the tube and fin to tube bond caused by thermal cycling.

EDGEWOUND FINS FOOTED "L" FINS OVERLAPPED "L" FINS EMBEDDED FINS (for high temperature or extremely corrosive applications) EXTRUDED FINS

C coil for Cooling
  Spiral Wound C Coil for
   cooling or heating
Non-Freeze Steam Coil
Non Freeze Steam Coil w/ Spiral Fins

Wave Fin
The wave fin corrugation across the fin provides the maximum heat transfer rate for a given surface area, and is the standard fin configuration use.

Star Fin
The star fin pattern corrugation around the tubes provides less air friction drop. This pattern is used when lower air friction is desired without a drastic decrease in heat transfer.

Flat Fin
The flat fin has no corrugation, which results in the lowest possible air friction drop and lowest fan horsepower demands.