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       Heat Exchangers

Graphite HX

Corrosion table for Graphilor

How Graphite is made ?

Graphite Shell & Tube HX   

Block HX Repairs

S&T HX Repairs

Graphite Cubic Block HX

Original Polyblock

Graphite Cylindrical Block PB

Graphite Cylindrical Block PB2

Silicon Carbide S&T

SiC Block HX

Polyblock O&M  S&T O&M


Tantalum, Zirconium
Corrosion Table
Shell & tube HX

Gas Cooling/Heating

Finned Tube Coils - designs

Steam heating coils

    Boiler Air Heaters

Water or Glycol Cooling coils
Transformer Oil Coolers

Plate Radiator

Transformer Oil Coolers "Drop in" Replacement Units

More Pix

Transformer Oil Pumps
Abel Mechanical/Hydraulic Diaphragm Pumps

Mechanical Diaphragm Abel EM

   more EM info

Hydraulic Diaphragm Abel HM

HM Animation

70% Solids Handling

FRP & Dual Laminate FRP

Ershigs Oblated Tanks

Fusion Process Pix

FRP/Dual Laminate Piping

RTP-1 Dual Laminate and FRP Vessels

Dual Laminate Vessels - PVC, CPVC, Kynar, Halar, Polypropylene

Anti-Corrosion Materials

NEW Ta, Zr Clad Technology !

Seamless Teflon for Columns and Vessels

Seamless Teflon for Piping

PTFE lined pipe details

Graphilor 3

Custom castings (iron, steel or SS) and machined weldments - any alloy

Machined Weldments - Bearing Housings, brackets
Vessels, Absorbers, Strippers